Idris & Zyrion - Serendipity

by Idris & Zyrion

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The first duet track by The Paradise Last is a funky, chiptune-inspired tune inspired by the wonderful track Acid-Jazzed Evening by the talented Janne Suni (Tempest). It blends both the energetic vocals of Idris from Eurobeat Forever Vol.1's "Wonderland" with the powerful and deep voice of Zyrion (aka Zoozbuh). Please enjoy!


-Verse 1-
I can't escape this pain
I try to run away
We really wanted to
Set the world on fire
The possibilities
And what we might have had in store
But we must look higher

-Bridge 1-
Times are changing
There's no explaining
I don't have a clue
But as I look to the sky
It makes my soul fly so high
And I know that we won't be left behind

-Chorus 1
Serendipity, can you see
I feel alive and I know all's right with the
Story of my life
Nightmares fade away and we will dream another day until our
Tears are gone and fears are pushed aside
Serendipity, inside of me
I'm actin' in a scene while others aim for mediocracy
But I will
Not go down the path that can be seen so easily, instead we'll
Fight for hearts and serendipity

-Verse 2-
It's been a long, long time
That I have fought this war
We should have probably
Left the world forever
The love and harmony
Has been away for far too long
But we'll change together

-Bridge 2-
Words have no meaning
Eyes are deceiving
Asking for the truth
But when I run from the lies
I can't see wrong from right
And I know that we won't have time to cry

-Chorus 2-
Serendipity, let it be
I'm feelin' bright and I know everything will
Be okay in time
Ghosts will fade away and then we'll know what to say before we
Lock away these gloomy memories
Serendipity, suddenly
I will not flee the scene, but aim to challenge fate and certainty
And I will
Not escape my plans to make the perfect harmony, instead we'll
Fight for hearts and serendipity


released June 12, 2015
Produced by The Paradise Last
Written by N. Hemler
Vocals by Idris and Zyrion

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